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Privilege Health Productions produces media cross platforms including films, webi-sodes, television programming, video promotions for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, books, other promo advertorials, web and mobile content for a variety of platforms. Additionally we offer pay-per-view feature original content related to the health care concerns, day-to-day operations of our concierge healthcare businesses and the healthcare of the privileged, passionate and powerful.

We have an in-house production are with Emmy-award winning and fresh talented writers, pre-and post production producers, directors, actors/actresses/comics, editors, sfx/vfx/mographs and other above the line and below the line professionals.

We deliver compelling, provocative and intimate health stories content that shares the challenges and triumphs of our clients on their journey to optimum health.

Check back often for fresh content or Mental Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Senior Healthcare, Children’s Health, U.S. Military Veteran’s Health, Minority Health and Immigrant Health and our philanthropic projects that aim to also optimize the health of the underserved communities.

Plant Medicine Heals.
Nature Heals.
Wild Life Heals.
Concierge Care and Nurturing Heals.

For hot healthcare topics of the privileged in HD video, get privilege.

Upcoming Films by Privilege Health Productions :

Penifit : The Series

Follow the lives of men of privilege, passion, power and purpose as they face health challenges including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, impotence, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, fatigue, hormonal changes, marital conflict, extramarital affairs or infidelity, sex addiction, love addiction, swinging, divorce, stress, high blood pressure, hyper tension, diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, heart attacks; career, life and work imbalance and burnout, intimacy deficits, masculinity identity crises, the emasculation epidemic, shame due to partner being unwilling to participate in fantasies, sexual desires or partner that is inhibited, inexperienced and sexually unfulfilling, homosexuality, bisexual to transgender issues, disrespect and domination by their partners along with the shocking verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual and even physical abuse at the hands of their partners.

Watch the health stories unfold and the treatment delivered by #Penifit to prevent, reverse and treat these high net-worth clients. Available in HD on Privilege Health Media.

Confessions of A White Collar Dope Pusha : The Series

Pull back the veneer of healthcare gone wrong, treatment that harms and the attitudes and motivations behind the nation’s medical doctors and psychiatrists who create prescription and psychiatric drug addicts, overdoses, suicides and mass shootings. Follow the health care horror stories of several innocent men and women whose lives were forever adversely impacted by dangerous robo-prescribing without conscience. This gritty no hold’s barred series connects the dots on the billion dollar business that will continue to have doctors and psychiatrists manufacturing addiction, mass shootings, suicides and overdoses. Available in HD on Privilege Health Media.

Phytoncide Rx

This botanical aficionado’s film shares the story of phytoncides and how plant medicines heal. Available in HD on Privilege Health Media.

The Garden of Adaptogens

A passionate botanist turned natural health care advocate accidentally discovers the world’s most powerful adaptogen herbs that reverses disease and addiction to optimize health. In a race for time to save the life of her son, a victim of psychiatric drug iatrogenesis, she’s up against the corporate oligarchy power heads, the U.S. Government, CIA and intelligence agencies from around the world who will stop at nothing to repress the potency and healing powers of this ancient plant medicine. Available in HD on Privilege Health Media.

Herb House

The lives of 6 ambitious, ivy-league drop out millennials, who aim to develop the next unicorn digital health technology firms, unfolds as they moonlight to pay the bills, hustling herbal treatment by operating Haute Herb House in Aspen, Colorado. Cannabis and other psychedelic club drugs that are up for U.S> Government and DEA reclassification from street and party drugs to therapeutic pharmaceutical drugs for treatment of mental disorders, including LSD, Ketamine take the spotlight and transform the health, lives and realities of these innovative rock stars. Available in HD on Privilege Health Media.


Unwitting women of undeniable privilege from Beverly Hills, Aspen, Dubai and London are enrolled into a covert human experiment with a futuristic fountain of youth supplement that optimizes physical, mental and sexual health while preventing and reversing all chronic disease. Experience the passion, motivations, obstacles, vices, fears and tears along with the health backstories and pathologies, as these indulged women juggle lovers, husbands, family, friends, benefactors and their concierge medical staff in this provocative health story that exposes women as dominant, demanding and delicious in their pursuit of men that can keep up with them and the lives few people could fathom.

Check back for more digital health stories film content coming soon!

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