Privilege Nutrition

Privilege Nutrition optimizes health by delivering strategic, holistic nutrition solutions including nutrition counseling, nutritional deficiencies and food intolerance testing, comprehensive body testing, nutrient IVs and nutrient therapy.

After a complete body and nutritional status analysis, in addition to weighing the factors that make your life and health story unique, it is possible to precisely pinpoint the exact needs of your unique body, customize micronutrients, nutrition, health and wellness plans to achieve optimum health that aims to prevent and reverse chronic illness and disease.

We focus on these core issues :

Improving Metabolism
Weight Loss
Digestive Tract Issues
Sugar Cravings
Emotional Eating

Nutrition and Mental Health
Nutrition and Men’s Health
Nutrition and Women’s Health
Nutrition and Senior’s Health
Nutrition and Kid’s Health
Nutrition and Athlete’s Health

Preventing or Reversing Chronic Illness
Preventing or Reversing Disease

High Altitude Health
Denver Nutrition Testing
Denver Athletic Performance Testing
Denver Blood Analysis Testing

Privilege Nutrition Testing :

Body Composition Analysis Testing
Comprehensive Blood Testing

Urine Analysis Test
Urine Halide Test
Urine Toxic Element Test
Cellular Response Test
Mineral Tissue Analysis (Hair Analysis)
Blood Food Intolerance Testing
Cellular Response Test

Nutritional Deficiencies Testing
Food Allergies Testing

Privilege Nutrition Consultations and Programs :

Privilege Health Initial Nutritional Consultation is $250.00 Per Hour
Privilege Nutrition Single Session $195.00 Per Hour
Privilege Nutrition Six Session Optimum Nutrition Program $1350.00
Privilege Nutrition 12- Session Nutrition Immersion Program $2550.00

Privilege Health offers custom compounded micronutrients, nutrition plans, organic plant meal prep and farm to table delivery of organic produce and the Privilege Health Store to shop for health products, vitamins, minerals, supplements, plant medicines, herbs, herbal formulas, therapies and retreats. For optimum health powered by plant medicines and nutrition, get privilege.