nutrition counseling

Privilege Nutrition

Privilege Nutrition delivers concierge nutrition counseling, nutritional deficiency testing and food sensitivity testing as well as strategic comprehensive metabolism, health and wellness optimization solutions. Get privilege.

nutrient therapy

Privilege Nutrient Therapy

Privilege Nutrition’s Nutrient Therapy offers customized micronutrient formulations, compounded vitamins, minerals, supplements and intravenous nutrient infusions to optimize your health, balance your metabolism, prevent and reverse chronic illness and diseases.


Privilege Herbs

Privilege Herbs are nature’s medicine, now available at Privilege Health. Choose from our unparalleled privileged selection of organic herbs to prevent or reverse chronic illness or disease without the dangers of prescription drugs and addictions.

herbalism formulas

Privilege Herbalism Formulas

Privilege Herbalism Formulas Plant Medicines Heal. Our rare, indigenous Rx and potent herbalism formulas are meticulously hand selected and sourced worldwide and made available on-demand, customized to each client’s individual health profile to holistically treat, prevent or reverse chronic illness or disease.