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Nature Heals. Wildlife Heals. Plant Medicine Heals.

Privilege Health improves the quality of your life and optimizes health without the dangers of prescription drugs and addictions.

We holistically treat chronic illness and disease with plant medicines, forest, nature and other outdoor therapies.

Privilege Botanical Therapeutics powered by phytoncides, eliminates stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

Privilege Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and our Essential Oils and Herbs are aligned with nature to achieve life balance and optimum health.

You will benefit from our luxury health and nature retreats and glamping camps.

We also offer concierge medical care on demand and support mental and senior care, direct to your home, office or vacation property.

With locations in Aspen and Vail Colorado, Beverly Hills and Monarch Beach, California and the island of Hawaii.

Discover the way to optimum health at Privilege Health.

Dial : 844-PRIVILEGE


Our Services

nutrition counseling

Privilege Nutrition

Privilege Nutrition delivers concierge nutrition counseling, nutritional deficiency testin

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nutrient therapy

Privilege Nutrient Therapy

Privilege Nutrition’s Nutrient Therapy offers customized micronutrient formulations, com

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Privilege Herbs

Privilege Herbs are nature’s medicine, now available at Privilege Health. Choose from ou

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herbalism formulas

Privilege Herbalism Formulas

Privilege Herbalism Formulas Plant Medicines Heal. Our rare, indigenous Rx and potent herb

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Recreational therapy or
nutrition or herbalism

Aligned with Nature. Plant Medicine Heals.

Privilege Health treats, prevents and reverses chronic illness and disease naturally with plant medicines and without pharmaceutical drugs of any kind.
Privilege Physicians delivers concierge medical and healthcare on-demand to high net worth clients, CEOs, executives, families, children, seniors, foreign dignitaries, immigrants, elected officials, military officers and enlisted, pro-athletes, celebrities, average Joes and the world’s top corporations.