Forest , Nature and Wildlife Therapy

Forest, Nature and Wildlife Therapy infused with phytoncides Rx are the signature outdoor recreational therapies available at Privilege Health.

Align with nature and benefit from the power of plant medicines while having fun, exercising, getting fit, burning calories and working through your challenges with work life relationship imbalance in the ambience of the phenomenal outdoors.

High end private coaching in luxury outdoor recreation with the support, intent listening, life optimization skills and conflict resolution and negotiation skills development by a trusted Privilege Health confidant. Invest in your self expansion, improved physical, psychological, mental and physical health leveraging nature as a guide. Upgrade your game and learn to become one with the outdoors and the recreation or outdoor sport of your choice.

Diagnostic Vitals Testing is performed prior to each session to track the improvement in client health after each session. Outdoor recreational therapy in forests, pristine nature free of air pollution, noise pollution and (at night) free of light pollution complimented by wildlife, trees, mountains and plants is proven to eliminate stress, lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.

Privilege Botanical Therapeutics Phytoncide Rx Misting Spray provided before each forest nature session.

Client’s may book online or call to schedule an appointment for outdoor therapy.

Due to the integrity of undisturbed and conserved forests, nature and wildlife that is air, noise and light pollution free Privilege Health’s Forest, Nature and Wildlife Therapy is currently available in :

Aspen, Colorado
Vail, Colorado
Denver Metro Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Sessions Start At $150.00 Per Half Hour and $300.00 Per Hour

We also offer the following other therapies :

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Learn more and check back regularly as we add more privilege worthy outdoor recreation. For outdoor recreation + therapy … Get privilege.