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Privilege Herbal Apothecary offers organic herbs, custom herbal formulas, rare herbs, herbal tinctures and bulk herbs to optimize your health.

Clients can book online or in-clinic herbal consolations or purchase herbal plant medicines directly from our online store,

Herbs have a impressive historical record of being first medicines and today herbs remain as nature’s preferred medicine.

Many modern pharmaceuticals are in fact, actually patterned upon herbs and plant medicines but few are as effective for sustainable health.

Privilege Herbal Apothecary delivers :

Applying the Alchemical processes to plant life is a process called ‘Spagery’ or ‘Spagyrics’.

Our herbal formulas contain the three most vital parts of the plant including the oils, the mineral or salts which is the physical parts of the plant and the mercury or the spiritual nature of the plant.

Privilege Health Herbal Apothecary offers Herbal Classes and Workshops :