Vitamins & Supplements

Privilege Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements and Micronutrient Formulations optimize your health by bringing into balance the body’s ideal levels of nutrients needed to thrive. We offer testing to determine your current nutrient levels and needs as well as custom compounded vitamins, minerals, supplements and micronutrients to treat, prevent or reverse chronic illness and disease.

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Book an appointment for Privilege Health’s Concierge Micronutrient Therapy or schedule targeted nutrient testing. Attend our free online micronutrient courses and DIY micronutrient workshops to learn more about nature’s medicine and to harness the power of micronutrients. Privilege Health’s micronutrient courses are taught by the world’s leading influencers and scientific minds on micronutrients including Nobel Laureates. Register for our convenient online learning to enhance your knowledge base on the vital role of micronutrients in health, wellness, cognitive function, prevention or reversal of chronic illness and disease and longevity.

Privilege Health collaborates with other micronutrient professionals worldwide, we host and provide research and education grants for our exclusive subsidiary, The Micronutrient Institute which promotes optimal health through plant based nutrition and nutrient therapy research utilized to treat, prevent and reverse chronic illness and disease. For innovations in micronutrients, including futurist research on plant medicine, digital health applications, products and services , get privilege.